My Experience with Screpy SEO Tool

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Added on Nov 26, 2022
My Experience with Screpy SEO Tool

I recently started using Screpy, and I really liked it.

I bought Screpy lifetime deal on AppSumo and started using it for my web projects such as my blog and this website, which is my business stack website.

I had been using Screpy for a while now, and it turned out to be quite a handy tool. I can monitor all the health and performance changes on my website with the dashboard that Screpy offers. Keeping track of SEO, page speed, and all other web metrics is easy with this software. It also has SEO monitoring, keyword tracking, and uptime monitoring that provide me with all the information I need to further optimize my site.

I especially loved its simple UI and the way it provides the core metrics for your SEO projects.

If you're looking for a high-level overview of your website and your important page's health and SEO performance, Screpy is a great tool.

This is what Screpy helped me with so far:

  • Create a complete, 360-degree view of your website's online performance and health
  • Understand the technical issues with your site, and fix them all in one place.
  • Get insights on mobile performance & SEO to ensure you're serving the best possible experience to all visitors.
  • Track site uptime, speed & rank to keep everything running smoothly.
A screenshot from Screpy dashboard
This is how the overview page for one of my SEO projects look like

Here's what Screppy provides to their users:

Screpy Pro+ Plan Features

  • Technical SEO Audit & Monitoring
  • Pagespeed Analysis & Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Google Rank Checker (SERP) (Mobile & Desktop) - Monthly 5000 Keywords Credits
  • Syntax Checker
  • 25 Websites and Monthly 10.000 Analysis Credits
  • On-Demand Analysis
  • 10 Teams and 25 Team Members
  • Auto-Generated Tasks for All Issues
  • Google Lighthouse Report for All Pages
  • Heading, Link, and Image Analysis
  • Canonical Analysis
  • Meta Tag and SSL Checker
  • Content Analysis and Security Alerts
  • Domain Information Checker
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml
  • DOM Size Checker and Redirections
  • SEO Report & Tasks
  • Accessibility, Best Practices, and UX Tasks
  • Alexa Global Rank
  • 25 Projects
  • 10000 Crawler Credits per month (1 Page = 1 Credit)
  • Google Rank Tracker (SERP) - 5000 SERP Credits per month
  • 10 Team & 25 Team Members
  • On-Page Analyzer
  • Link Analyzer
  • Image Analyzer
  • Broken Link/Image Finder
  • Content Analyzer
  • Periodic Crawler Scan
  • SEO Reports
  • SSL Tracker
  • Pagespeed Monitoring
  • Core Web Vitals Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Console Error Tracker
  • Syntax Checker